Women’s March in Vancouver, Canada

I only had an hour break from my Saturday class, but I knew it would be spent well. Anxious to get out of class, I pulled on my oversized winter coat and stuffed my laptop into my backpack. Counting down the seconds until the professor released us for lunch. Once he said those magic words, I rushed down the four lengthy blocks to Jack Poole Plaza. This was the end point of the Women’s March on Washington in Vancouver.

Some things in life are important. Some things in life you want. But this march today is vital. It’s a surreal feeling being surrounded by strangers that instantly feel like brothers and sisters. You can feel their spirits stirring in the air and it binds us together. We all share the demand for equality, peace and justice ✌🏽. Today, women and men of all ages marched on each continent to fight for their rights against one lonely tyrant. This is an event that will transcend through time, and I will be proud to stay that I was there. I stood united with my fellow marchers across the globe against oppression.
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