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Matt and Nat
Matt and Nat is a vegan clothing brand born out of Montreal, Canada. Not to mention they proudly use recycled materials in all of their pieces. “Matt & Nat” comes from their full name – Material and Nature. If you can be fashionable, vegan and eco-friendly all in one – why not do it?

Tip: I originally discovered the brand via Chapters Indigo. As an Indigo Plum member, you can get great deals on their website. If you sift through the style section, you can snag these high quality bags at a large discount. I grabbed the wallet above at 40% off!

Daniel Wellington
With 2.9 million followers, Daniel Wellington is a highly regarded brand on Instagram. The Swedish brand exploded after its creation in 2011. The one I opted for is the Classic Black 36mm Sheffield in rose gold. Their watches are high quality and highly sought after. There is no doubt that you will get countless compliments on this trendy piece.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
The story of Rupi Kaur is similar to Daniel Wellington. Online, Kaur is known as the “instapoet”, gaining her literary recognition from her thousands of Instagram followers. Like Daniel Wellington, Kaur used strong social media game to create a presence online, where followers could read her work. Milk and Honey is the Canadian author’s first published anthology.

This is the book on everyone’s reading list this season.

Stay Tuned: A review of Milk and Honey will be coming soon!


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  1. I like about Matt and Nat. I think it’s awesome that the items are made from recycled materials. Wow! You have done lots of work on your website. Keep it up and good luck Jasmine! 👍💖

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