YSL Exhibit @ the Seattle Art Museum

YSL Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum

While touring Sea16651043_10158274414550397_2038625369_ottle last November, my partner and I decided to check out the current exhibition at the renowned Seattle Art Museum (SAM). As a fan of the fine arts and fashion, my boyfriend got his hands on tickets to the YSL exhibit. The exhibit told the story of Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion tycoon. It followed his introduction into the fashion world, and how he became a style icon.

The prints included Saint-Laurent creating and styling looks for his numerous shows. Sketches, films, and actual pieces from the runway at SAM were also presented at the exhibition. It was by far the most breathtaking fashion experience I’ve ever had. If you’re interested in the fashion industry, this is the exhibit for you.

I can’t express how thrilling it w16522252_10158274392655397_973468033_oas to see vintage sketches on paper also translated to physical pieces right before your eyes. The exhibit included all aspects of Laurent’s fashion career, I personally found the woman’s pantsuit to be particularly striking. Laurent was not afraid to step outside the norm and create styles like the pantsuit, that would last a lifetime.

In the words of Laurent, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

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