City Guide: What To Do In San Diego

7 Reasons Why You Need To Visit San Diego

Visit San Diego like a local!

  1. Balboa Park

    Balboa Park is the most searched tourist attraction when it comes to visiting San Diego. I am always reluctant to visit the most seen or talked about places when traveling; however, after driving through the city I realized how grand the infamous park was. The park takes up such a substantial amount of the city that it’s hard to ignore it. We didn’t pay to go into any of the museums or on the train ride, but we did take our time wandering through the park and looking at the incredible structures!

  2. La Jolla Beach

    La Jolla is the most underrated area in San Diego, hands down. The entire cove is walkable, which is great for tourists. If you visit La Jolla in the springtime, you can catch tons of baby seals sunbathing on the beach! You can also find some barking sea lions perched on a rock at the main beach. There are tons of signs up that advocate for the protection of the wildlife there, so remember no touching! If you’re wondering whether or not La Jolla is worth visiting, I highly suggest checking out more photos here from when we visited these cute creatures!

  3. Belmont Park / Mission Beach


    The Mission Beach area was definitely one for the books. Although the Belmont Amusement Park was closed, the area was still open for tourists to wander through. It was a unique experience walking through the amusement park after hours. Think: abandoned amusement park vibes. The boardwalk was lively and full of great bars, while the park was secluded and perfect for private photo ops. The best of both worlds!

  4. Ocean Beach Pier

    I swear it was the rainiest day of the year when we decided to trek out to Ocean Beach Pier. The cross-winds were at an optimal high, the waves were crashing from every angle, which could have ruined the entire experience. Perspective is so important when you’re traveling. I had my makeup and hair done, and was hoping to grab a few cute pictures at the end of the pier. That did not happen. We were completed soaked. We couldn’t stop laughing as we both slid and slipped across the deck. The most unexpected experiences are always the most fun.

  5. Sunset Cliffs

    After 4 days of chaos, an evening at Sunset Cliffs was much needed. I highly recommend sitting at the top of the cliffs and watching the sunset. Locals even come down to sit at the cliffs at sunset. It definitely had a local vibe. This is the best place to recharge at the end of your trip!

  6. Spruce Street Suspension Bridge*
    IMG_3254*This suspension bridge is the ultimate hidden treasure! Because it is located smack in the middle of the suburbs, it is isolated and super quiet, which makes it the perfect location for an instagram shot. When we visited the bridge, we were the only ones there! The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge is located near University Heights, so make sure you take the time to visit Communal Coffee after!
  7. Food!
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    Click here to find the best local eats in San Diego



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