Nolita Neighbourhood: NYC Travel Guide

Whenever I take a trip anywhere, I always hope I’ll come across my own secret little gem. For me, it was Nolita. Everyone says that when you go New York, you have to go to Brooklyn. It’s that characteristic neighbourhood that completes the tell-tale story of your trip to the big city.

Nolita is an idyllic little neighbourhood situated in lower manhattan smack dab between more well-known neighbourhoods, Soho and the East Village.

Regardless, the area is completely perfect, the buildings are beautiful, the restaurants are chic and the photo opps are endless in Nolita. Oh, and not to mention, the food is delicious.

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1. Nomo Kitchen

While the first stop isn’t technically in Nolita, it was on the way. NOMO Kitchen is one of the trendiest places to grab brunch and mimosas when you’re walking to Nolita. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the infamous vine tunnel without a flock of influencers so you can grab a quick photo on your way in. The ultra-cool restaurant is tucked inside the up-scale NOMO hotel.

Inside, the restaurant is an open concept with tons of sunlight flooding in from the endless skylights above. The walls are covered in contemporary graffiti with chandeliers above. The ricotta pancakes are sublime.

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2. Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Okay, now we’re getting to the good stuff. The Little Cupcake Bakeshop has been nominated for creating the best chocolate cake in all of America, making the Brooklyn Blackout cake a must-try.

When nibbling down on our piece of exceptionally delicious chocolate cake, we noticed tons of locals coming in and out of the shop purchasing their own goods for their weekend soirees, so NYC.

2018-11-09 13_52_49.868  2018-11-09 13_50_36.610

3. Sézane L’Appartement New York

Part of the charm of Nolita is how chic everything is. It’s one of those typical neighbourhoods you’d see B and S wandering around on Gossip Girl, and they would definitely be shopping at Sézane. 

The storefront is adorable, fresh with flowers and perfect for a quick Instagram shot.

2018-11-09 14_10_54.977  2018-11-09 14_13_18.533

4. Milk

If you’re still not full, check out Milk across the street from the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. Famous celebrity chef, Christina Tosi is the creator and founding chef behind this gem. Have you heard of Milk Cereal ice cream or Crack Pie? Those were created by Tosi.

Not only is she a badass female boss, but she also created Milk with the help of another celebrity chef you may know, David Chang. The cereal milk ice cream is tdf, so definitely check it out.

2018-11-09 15_08_47.104  2018-11-09 15_08_59.049

5. Glossier Flagship

Any makeup junkie needs to go to Glossier’s flagship store in Nolita. Just a block away from NOMO Kitchen, it’s the perfect pit stop post-brunching. The naturalistic store opened for the first time in New York last November. You can finally test out blushes, lip stains and more in person before purchasing.

The store is completely one-of-a-kind, with gemstones, every hue of pink imaginable and rock surfaces about. When you purchase your makeup, it will be mechanically delivered by a robotic contraption behind the front desk, gently packaged in that pink bubble wrap and your name on top!

2018-11-07 11_23_10.514  2018-11-07 11_20_36.6922018-11-07 11_22_18.502

6.  Cha Cha Matcha 

This one was definitely for the Instagram. This adorable tropical-themed cafe was the perfect place to stop for some matcha tea in the afternoon for a little pick-me-up. Each carefully crafted latte is topped with an intricate design. While my latte art said “LOVER” others boasted tropical palm trees, hearts and other cute sayings.

Nolita has a lot more to offer than just these places. Pietro Nolita, that entirely pink pasta spot that’s famous for its decor as much as its food. The Butcher’s Daughter, a completely vegetarian restaurant that is as cute as it is scrumptious. I’m not exaggerating, I stop at The Butcher’s Daughter every time I go to LA or New York. Ghost Donkey, a loudly decorated bar with solid cocktails. There are also a few vintage shops nearby that are worth poking around in.

Spend the afternoon wandering around Nolita and you won’t regret it.

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